Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen


Company founder Alfred Wesnigk - spray tests

Company’s Founder
Alfred Wesnigk

Company founder Alfred Wesnigk - a splash wave
Company founder Alfred Wesnigk - Exhibition - Demonstration




1948 The company was founded by Master Craftsman Mr. Alfred Wesnigk as mechanic fitter and engineering company in Berlin-Wilhelmshagen, in a 120 m2 rented work floor 1
1949 Purchase of first flame spraying gun. First efforts in metal spraying, repairs of engine and automotive spare parts.

1960 First contact layers of silver on parts of transmission tubes 1
1969 Graduate engineer Mr. Reiner Wesnigk joined the company. Serial regeneration of spare parts: pump shafts for fuel pumps, crank shafts for mopeds and motor cycles, engine parts for trucks and busses.

1975 Mr. Alfred Wesnigk’s retired from the company and it was taken over by Mr. Reiner Wesnigk. Serial coatings of hollow spindles for multi spindle turning machines. Recruitment of one employee. 2
1978 Internal development of an arc spraying unit. 2
1989 Increase in production, employment of another employee 3
1990 Start as an agent for metal spraying equipment from the company OSU Maschinenbau GmbH. After a considerable loss of orders through liquidation of nearly all of our industrial customers we could achieve a new start with new technology from OSU Maschinenbau GmbH. 3
1993 Change of the legal form to: Berolina Metallspritztechnik Wesnigk GmbH. Serial production of contact layers for AEG. Recruitment of one more employee. 4
1994 Serial production of contact layers for SIEMENS. Start of move to Herzfelde in a rented work shop of 600 m2. Recruitment of more personnel. 6
1995 Foundation of the subsidiary Fischer & Wesnigk GmbH 8
1998 Start of planning a new head quarters and start of apprenticeship training. 8
1999 Acquirement of a 3,500 qm industrial plot in Hennickendorf. 9
2000 Start of construction of an new workshop with a working area of 1,200 m2. The employee Andreas Duda was promoted to Production Manager. The production was extended to new products: paper transport rollers for laser printers. 15
2001 Relocation of the company without lose of production. A further apprentice started his training. Implementation of the high velocity oxygen fuel spraying process HVOF. The equity was raised from DM 50,000.-- to DM 195,000.--. 17
2003 Appointment of the Production Manager Mr. Andreas Duda to the second CEO. Start of a second shift. 17
2004 Acquirement of a DJ 2700-HVOF system for powder and two industrial robots. 17
2005 Acquirement of a third industrial robot and one other machine for ceramic coatings. Production expansion of ceramic and carbide coatings. 17
2006 Acquirement of a second DJ 2700 HVOF plant for powder. 19
2006 Expansion to the worldwide most advanced thermal spraying process: Cold Spraying. Purchase of a unit for cold gas spraying as one the first sub-contractors in Europe. Initial operation of the fourth industrial robot. 19
2007 Employment of a Mr. Benjamin Neuse as a Management Assistant. 20
2007 Purchase of another industrial plot, size 3,600 m2 and construction of a new production hall. With it extension to 2,500 m2 production and storage space. 20
2007 Investment in a circular ginding machine for large components with a diameter up to 800 mm and 3,000 mm grinding length as well as in an ultra-modern plasma spraying equipment from the leading producer Sulzer-Metco. Therefore with this machine Berlina Metallspritztechnik belongs to the best equipped thermal spraying firms worldwide. 20
2008 Recruiting of more employees and purchase of the most modern arc spraying system “Visu Arc “ from the market-leading producer Sulzer Metco OSU GmbH. 26
2008 Moving of part of the production into the new workshop to have more space for the individual production methods. 26
2009 Due to the global economic crisis fall away many customers with them the sales by more than 25%. We also keep in that time, all employees and contract workers, it will not begin working hours. 26
2009 Conversion of the oxygen supply of bundles on tank to provide our customers with in-and post-crisis low-cost surface finishing. 26
2009 Purchase of a nitrogen tank to meet the expected increase in nitrogen consumption in cold spraying. 26
2009 Expansion of production by the thermal joining of components with liquid nitrogen. 26
2009 Conversion of HVOF systems on ethylene as the fuel gas and buy a Ethentankes. Thus, it was running in 2009 to convert 90% of the required in the production of gases on tank supply. That we would save time and money we were able to pass on to our customers. 26
2010 Purchase of a new, sixth robot. 26

With now more than 26 highly qualified permanent employees we belong to one of the first names in the area of this technology.