Flammspritzstrahl, Drahtflammspritzen mit Molybdaen

Confidential Information / Information Security:

Our special concern is confidential handling of classified information from our customers. Technical drawings, details of materials, technical and coating data as well as knowledge about our contact peoples’ functions and fields of activity belong to it.
We are aware that our customers’ research and development of new products is connected with considerable costs and some competitors may desire some information by unfair means..

Contrary to most of the organised German thermal coaters who are forced to unnecessary product certifications and therefore deliver external inspectors insight into these confidential customer data we have successfully chosen another way. We separated from these organizations exactly for this reason as it cannot be guaranteed that the inspectors do not circulate any information unknowingly.

Our system of information selection ensures that these data will only partially become known to certain employees who are directly involved in this particular work step.

Long time employment, an internal agreement regarding information security and a resignations point at zero which ensure all customer data remaining in our company.

Our company policy has been very successful as some global corporations belong to our constituency. We have been able to proof that we can deal with classified information.

Selected reference companies in alphabetical order:

ABB, ABUS, Alba Berlin, Alsthom, Berliner Wasserbetriebe, BMW Group, Bombardier, Borsig, Bosch, Daimler-Chrysler, Deckel-Maho-Gildemeister, Deutsche Bahn AG, Dow Corning, EADS, EON, Hilti, Rexroth, Samsung, Schaudt Mikron, Schering, 12 Siemens factorties, Springer Verlag, Sterling SIHI, STRABAG, 5 universities, Vattenfall, Zeppelin Baumaschinen, ZF Getriebe